Red Fin Sushi Restaurant


M - F 6:30A - 10:30P
M - F 11:00A - 2:30P
M - F 4:00P - 11:00P

happy hour
M - Sun
4:00P - 6:00P /
10:00P - Close

Sat - Sun 8:00A - 3:00P


612 Stewart St.
Seattle. WA 98101



  Red Fin Gallery

Welcome To Red Fin Sushi Restaurant

The latest restaurant from Jun Hong chef and owner of Belltwon's wasabi bistro, Red Fin is located next to the Hotel Max. Like Wasabi Bistro, expect to experience some of Seattle's freshest and finest contemporary sushi creations.

Peruse the extensive menu to discover fun yet Red Fin plates that reflect Red Fin's styles :artistic yet accessible. Sample the wine and sake selections carefully chosen to compliment the cuisine. Stop by for the afternoon happy hour or late night food and drink specials, a multicourse dinner or a casual snack, a business lunch or perhaps a leisurely meal while visiting the near by shopping district. Red Fin is also open for breakfast and brunch, serving up frittatas, pancake.

So whatever you need, come by and immerse yourself in an intimate environment both elegant and relaxed, savor the offering of the restaurant while all the while being pampered by the caring staff, and realize : this is not your everyday sushi and Asian fusion joint…..

Red Fin Hotel Max